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mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Colonna Infame, Genova. The "Column of Infamy" , Genoa.

In the middle of the "old town", few meters after the  medieval gate "Porta dei Vacca", along the "via del Campo", you can find a fountain

Almost hidden by this fountain, in a small, quite dirty, square, there's a pillar.

This is the column of infamy (in italian "colonna infame") of Julius Caesar Vacchero, a noble who conspired with the duke of Savoy against the Republic of Genoa in 1628.
Where now is this square there was his house, which was demolished as a part of the punishment described on the column itself.
The inscription says something like: "For the infamous memory of Julius Caesar Vacchero, most wicked man, who conspired against Republic. Cut off his head, confiscated his possessions, exiled his sons and demolished his house, he paid the right penalty".
Some decades later the Vacchero family was allowed to build the fountain to partially hide the column.